We value our patients' experience at Joel Sperling DC LLC. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete a patient testimonial next time you are in the office.

"Dr. Sperling...I wish I had listened to my friends and colleagues earlier! I am an active 55 year old woman who has been battling neck pain and achilles tendon pain for over a year. I have sought treatment from a podiatrist, my family, doctor, an acupuncturist, and two chiropractors. I thought I would have to learn to live with my pain, so I gradually changed my lifestyle to be more sedentary, wore a "boot" on my foot, resorting to crutches when I could not put pressure on my foot, gained 15 pounds, you know the story... Two of my friends have been seeing Dr. Sperling for years, and they suggested I see him. My employer also has been a long time client of Dr. Sperling. He suggested I discuss my problems the next time Dr. Sperling brought his pets into the clinic where I am employed. Thinking my problem was too chronic, I asked Dr. Sperling instead, if he could help my husband, who also suffered from severe foot pain. "Yes, of course," he said, and my husband began to feel better after 1 visit!

Ok, it was time for me to make an appointment. I've been seeing Dr. Sperling for approximately 4 months. I have little or no neck pain, and I can now walk with relatively low heel pain ( we are working on that). Both my husband and I feel MUCH better. We will continue to see Dr. Sperling whenever needed, he is the right fit for us.

As an added bonus, I took my 8 year old Airedale to see Dr. Sperling. He seemed to have some arthritic issues which made him reluctant to run at full speed and jump on the bed. 1 treatment helped my dog to regain his agility, and I will not hesitate to bring any of my pets to Dr. Sperling for treatment."

                                                                             Thank You Joel.

D. and Rollo

"I met Dr. Sperling through friends when my geriatric horse needed some help. She was suffering from arthritis and was walking crooked. After introducing himself to Tika he watched her walk and turn..then he got to work. The muscles on one side of her body were locked and in spasms. Through muscle work he was able to get the muscles to release which made her instantly more comfortable. I remember, she let out a big sigh because she felt so much better. That was just the beginning...since that day Dr. Sperling has seen most of family when needed..this includes myself, my husband, my gradma, our 4 dogs, my sister's cat, our horses and even one of our ducks. Each time he treats one of our animals there is an instant visible improvement. Our horses perform better because of Dr. Sperling and he is the first person we call when they show resistance or decreased flexibility. My husband and I both have jobs that are physically demanding. Dr. Sperling has made a believer out of my husband and has "fixed" me several times. Since I have been getting treated by Dr. Sperling, my migraines have been few and far between. I believe that what sets him apart from other chiroprators is his dedication to muscle work which allows the adjustments he makes to last longer. Also, he actually SOLVES PROBLEMS. We have also benefitted from the nutritional support and advice Dr. Sperling has given us. Until I met him I had no idea that a medicine I was taking for migraines was depleting my body of things I actually needed! Through his guidance I was able to replenish what I was lacking and through his treatment I was able to stop taking the medication. 

Dr. Sperling is the person to see if you are looking for a chiropractor or if you have a health condition that other doctors have diagnosed as chronic, requiring surgery or has affected your quality of life."

 S.L., Tika and family

"Prior to my first appointment with Dr. Sperling I had given up any hope that I would find a solution for relief from chronic neck pain. This injury occurred six years ago. My neck felt as though there was a knife stuck in it, constantly jabbing with every moment. I was treated by my MD with pain medication and epidural shots, neither acquired the level of relief necessary to comfortably accomplish everyday tasks. Daily activities (driving, carrying groceries, vacuuming) exacerbated the pain. A good night sleep was unheard of, I could not make it through the night without awakening several times due to severe pain going down both of my arms and into my hands. I was told my only option was surgery, I was very apprehensive regarding this recommendation.

My first visit with Dr. Sperling was amazing! More pain relief than I could have ever imagined. With his unique technique the pain in my neck was relieved for the first time in six years. Blood was flowing to my brain! I could pull my shoulders back and breath. I could move my head from side to side without pain. Happiness was returning to my body, a feeling which was missing from my life due to the constant pain and anxiety associated with the pain. I am now sleeping without interruption."


"After experiencing a running injury while training for a race this past winter, I started looking for a chiropractor who had the knowledge and skills needed to treat my running injury. Upon speaking with Dr. Sperling on the phone, he accepted me as a patient and got me in for an appointment that same day. After only a few visits, I was back on the running trails training training for my race. Two weeks after being treated by Dr. Sperling, I completed a race series that was over 30 miles long. I continue to come back to Dr. Sperling because he has the knowledge and skills needed to help me maintain my competitive edge while training for and running races."


"I've been a patient since 2006ish. I first sent my husband to Dr. Sperling with lower back pain. My husband, Bill is not such a huge believer in chiropractors or I should say, wasn't! After his first visit, he was completely sold on Dr. Sperling. He came home and told me what went on at his visit and felt like a new man. We both have been under his care ever since and would not think of going elsewhere.

We have always been impressed with his method of healing us and the fact that he will explain what is going on and why he is doing what he is doing. Moreover, his methods of healing are much different and much quicker than any other chiroprators I've ever seen.

We feel relaxed and at home in his office and would recommend him, and do, to all of our friends and family."



"I have seen Dr. Sperling for a few years on and off as needed to relieve symptoms and pain. Recently, my back went out and I was in severe pain for almost a month before I finally made an appointment to see Dr. Sperling. In one short visit, I had relief and significant reduction in pain. Over the next several weeks and visits, I am happy to say I am pain free!!! Dr. Sperling is the first person I call now whenever I am in need of Chiropractic care. His demeanor is really easy and laid back and he is very informative as he works on you. I would recommend Dr. Sperling to ANYONE considering care by a Chiropractor."


"I have been a patient of Dr. Sperling's since high school. I haven't yet met a Chiropractor that gets such amazing results as he does. I initially came to him with a sports injury to my low back and could barely walk. In just one visit, I was able to walk out of his office aligned and without pain, only relief. Dr. Sperling listens to his patients and gets to the root cause of the problem, many times where the pain is felt is not where the problem is. Dr. Sperling not only adjusts, but works on soft tissue to relieve discomfort too. All I can say is that Dr. Sperling gets results. He spends time with his patients and it's not a "5 minute" appointment. He gets immediate results so his patients don't have to visit 3x/week. I encourage all to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sperling. Remember all practitioners are not the same, keep searching until you find the one who will listen and get results."


"I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Joel Sperling of Delavan, WI. I had suffered from lower back pain for 18 months. I had seen another doctor twice a week for 12 months. The condition improved very little during that time. With just 5 visits to Dr. Sperling, my lower back pain went away. I have recently enjoyed 2 months of pain-free activities that I could not do before. I can now stand on one leg and put my socks on, bend instantly and freely pick up a rolling baseball, sneeze without bracing myself and pick up my 5 year old son. It is wonderful to be able to move freely without pain or fear sudden  jerks beyond my control. Words cannot express my high regards and appreciation for this man."


"I have suffered from chronic back pain for most of the past 30 years. I was referred from one doctor to another without ever experiencing significant improvement. In addition to seeing a long line of chiropractors, I also tried acupuncture, steroid injections and strenuous exercise programs. Nothing worked.

When a friend suggested Dr. Sperling, I was skeptical, having tried many chiropractors in the past. Later my family doctor also mentioned the great results he'd seen Dr. Sperling achieve, so I decided to give him a try.

You can imagine my surprise, when after lurching into his office like a bent pretzel, I was able to walk out like a 15 year old girl! It wasn't painless and it took about six weeks for me to feel normal again, but I once believed that I'd NEVER feel normal again.

I still have a weak back and certain situations such as long plane flights will aggravate it. When this happens, I return to Dr. Sperling for a quick manipulation and I'm fine again. You're one in a million Dr. Sperling! I'm so glad that I found you."



"Other than saying "THANK YOU, YOU SAVED MY LIFE", no other words seem appropriate. I believe I started seeing you over ten years ago. A client of Rosie's told me about you; at that time I had no one to go to for chiropractic care. The rest is history. I had been suffering with severe neck pain for over twenty years, probably due to a rear-end auto accident many years prior. Other chiropractic help had not been successful in treating my pain. I could not turn my head more than a fraction of the way - I had to turn my full body to look either way when driving. I had to prop myself with pillows and heating pad to sleep (for years!!!!).

I have no more pain and can swivel my head normally. You never gave up and neither did I. You are always professional and courteous and let me choose how often to have an appointment. I always feel you give me the best care you possibly can and I'm grateful for that.

I like the fact that we can chit-chat a little and the "stiff" professionalism seen so much today doesn't get in the way.

Keep up your wonderful work and know that there are many of us that appreciate you as a person and a professional.

See you soon."


"I just wanted to thank you for the good care that you gave to Nala during the past two years. We did have to put her down in March 2011. She was 13 years old & started to experience organ failures - she went down hill quickly.

We are sure that the care you gave her extended her life by at least a year & certainly reduced her pain & lack of mobility.

Please feel free to use us as a refeerence, in case you are building your canine clientele! We have adopted a 4 year old Springer Spaniel & should she ever have any trouble getting around we will be calling you."

                                                                                Thanks again,

J. & D. M.

"My family members have been going to Dr. Joel for years. I decided to come in and see if I could get rid of some of my aches and pains. A few sessions with Dr. Joel and I have been feeling great since. I just noticed the other day that my knees haven't bothered me since he adjusted them. My knees had been aching periodically for years, but after one simple adjustment, I have been pain free for months now!"


"Oh the pain and agony! I had never been to a chiropractor before seeing Joel. My sister-in-law referred me after years of low back pain (I was under 35 at the time). I thought I was just 'getting older' but then I thought, 'I'm not that old!'. Anyway, after a few weeks with Joel I was absolutely feeling better and was hooked! We've had an on-again, off-again relationship ever since. Most recently I sprained my ankle and incurred a $1000 emergency room visit. Needless to say I went to see Joel after re-spraining it 7 weeks later and completely skipped the ER. The second sprain was much more severe and after a few weekly therapy sessions I was so much better! And as a bonus it cost me less too! I could go on and on about all the other great things about Joel but I'll stop myself here and sum it up with the fact that I am an absolute believer in Joel and his chiropractic expertise and 100% recommend him to anyone and everyone."


"I started seeing Joel because my chiropractor was doing the same overall adjustments and never varied them even when my discomfort was coming from a specific area. I also saw no improvement to my fibromyalgia symptoms.

Joel may seem unorthodox in his treatment but he is very knowledgable in the workings of the entire body's musculoskeletal system and uses that knowledge to pin point where the problem begins and why it is causing you discomfort."


"I just wanted to thank you for, again, helping me out on my annual month long vacation at Lake Delavan. Wish I could remember the year I first started calling you for assistance, it must be at least ten years now.

I do remember looking in the yellow pages for a chiropractor. When I saw your address I figured finding Third Avenue was not going to be too difficult! You were able to fit me in the next day, which was a Godsend, as I really need a chiropractic adjustment after a long drive and I was quite sore. I always get one here in Dalls before I leave, and now have you help me before my return.

Thank You for your professioanlism. You always spend time with me to find out what I need, or where I have pain. One chiropractor in Dallas bragged how he could adjust 3 people every five minutes- that way it left him enough time to do things he wanted to do! In addition, you now have helped my two daughters and three of our grandchildren so you are part of our vacation routine.

I keep trying to convince you to come to Dallas and start a practice! I have tried five different chiropractors in Dallas and I never feel any of them can help me as much as you do. It's not always over 100 degrees here, although today marks the 62nd day over 100 this summer. Maybe we should head back to Wisconsin!"


"Dr. Sperling has been an important part of my healthcare team for 10 years now. After getting minimal results from my previous practitioner I was referred to Dr. Sperling. I have migraine headaches and have found his unique, thorough form of treatment to be of great benefit. Dr. Sperling focuses on the connection between all parts of the body and not just the area exhibiting symptoms. I have found the deep tissue, muscle work that Dr. Sperling does before the adjustment allows the muscles to relax which helps the migraines. I have been incorporating chiropractic into my life for over 20 years now, and have found Dr. Sperling to have benefited me greatly."



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  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Sperling."
    John D. - Delavan, WI